Friday, 26 June 2015

Welcome to The Spanish Institute of Puebla to learn Spanish

The Spanish Institute of Puebla is the leading Spanish Language School in Mexico, specialized in teaching the Spanish language and its culture through a total Spanish immersion program in Mexico. 

People can find the distinct Spanish courses at The Spanish Institute of Puebla.

Our goal is to help you communicate in Spanish. 
There are four areas of communication :
  •  Listening
  •  Speaking
  •  Reading
  •  Writing
In our program we consider all four areas. Because we have an emphasis in Spanish conversation; even our group program includes two hours of individual conversation to get your conversation skills up as quick as possible.

Our institute offers optimum Spanish programs to pupil.

Spanish Lessons:

Spanish immersion classes for medical and dental care professionals are personally taught by a native Spanish speaker at the Spanish Institute of Puebla.
Instructor has extensive experience developing and teaching Spanish courses for health-care and dental care providers and Doctors. 

Our home stay program is a very important part of your overall language experience. You will stay with a host family, unless you request differently in which case we will work with you to find adequate hotel accommodations.


UNITED STATES                                                         

Telephone: (512) 380-1030
Free Call:1 (800) 554-2951
Spanish Institute of Puebla
10104 Hosta Cove
Austin, Tx 78750
Country: USA


Telephone:+52 (222) 242-2062
Fax: +52 (222) 242-2063
Spanish Institute of Puebla
11 Oriente #10
Centro Histórico
Puebla, Puebla 72000




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